this blog is to call out on the stereotypes of jamiaca/jamaicans


  • Other people’s cultures do not exist for white people to seek their spiritual enlightenment
  • No one owes you an education, and initiation, or a history lesson simply because ‘you want’
  • No one has to include you in things because ‘you want’
  • No one has to hold their tongue, sweeten their words, or chop up sentences to make white people feel better about history- colonization, slavery, genocide, ect.
  • No one should be ‘grateful’ to you for your interest in said culture

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Beautiful Muslim women from the Caribbean. Have you seen anything so beautiful!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
you look good with the cornrows and all but that is culturual appropriation and that's a little rude lol.
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Or you could not act like a five year old and say “oops sorry my bad” and move on with your life like adults do when they mess up…

Oops my bad?? What bad have I done?? Please explain to me why I need to apologize??

you could easily grow up and google it but i got you lol here are some links you probably won’t click or read because you want to confirm your bias not actually learn. you’re not 3 years old. you know exactly why cornrows are appropriation and you know exactly why you wanted the hairstyle… no one’s saying you need to die or go to jail but you do need to be thinking critically about the politics of black people’s hair and hair styles and why it’s like cool or edgy to have cornrows for you while other people (black people) who created and popularized the hairstyle are held responsible in a different way— not cool, not edgy, not trendy— but a means of getting kicked out of school in elementary school, not allowed on university campuses, not hired for jobs, etc.

you’re wearing them because it’s edgy and trendy (don’t lie and say you aren’t i followed you for like 4 years now lmao you’re not that hard to figure out) but black people have different circumstances with hair with hairstyles that ARE THEIRS

  1. cornrows are banned at university because of the association with unprofessionalism on black bodies 
  2. Ciara’s “Inelegant” New Hairstyle And The Politics Of Black Hair

  3. Ohio School Apologizes; Lifts Ban on Afro Puffs and Braids

  5. What’s the Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation?


  7. Racismschool’s “Why” of Cultural Appropriation
  8. [Our entire ‘cultural appropriation’ tag]
  9. A List Of Culture Appropriation Blogs
  10. Explanation of why it’s not okay to appropriate cultures
  11. Explanation of the cultural appropriation and degradation of the significance of Paisley
  12. Explanation of the cultural appropriation and degradation of significance of locks
  13. Explanation of why white girls that ‘twerk’ never have to face bigotry and discrimination that the Black creators of twerking do
  14. Chescaleigh has a fucking entire video
  15. Cultural appropriators need to understand ‘no’ just means no. Period
  16. Why you can’t just ‘appreciate’ my culture

why are you taking it as a personal attack that you need to be so defensive about instead of being like “ooh oops” and moving on with your life… like what

I followed you for 4 years now, you aren’t that hard to figure out.” 

It’s basically like beating a dead horse with these people. She doesn’t care. She’s asian, a POC, you think other POC care about solidarity and anti blackness.


White people have this natural need to go into places and then take their culture. It’s been happening for centuries.

White people go to Africa, enslave their people, murder their people and use them for their resources

White people go to the Americas, enslave their people, murder their people them for their resources

White people go to the Middle east, murder their people, use them for their resources

White people create a system of global oppression where places they never even colonized are effected.

Then they have the audacity, the nerve, to try and STEAL these people’s cultures by claiming they were “inspired”

There are times where they are “inspired” and end up completely erasing the people who invented it. For example black people INVENTED country music but yet it’s knowns as white person territory.

The problem is that white people do not understand their limits. They believe that because it exists they have a right to it, and if they can’t have it they will demonize the group that does….then they’ll take it anyways. They have proven this time and time and time again.


Why do white people act like other cultures are spices. They use them to make their bland ass lives exciting for a second and then just put it away when they are done with it.


Bob Marley and then girlfriend Cindy Breakspeare.

Breakspeare was a Jamaican jazz musician and model, she was crowned Miss World in 1976. 

the couple had a son, Damian Marley, in 1978.


This is why non black people with ‘dreads’ or some sad attempt at locs piss black people off so much. Black people are normal people. Our hair is normal hair. Whether it is in locs, braids, twists, coils, an afro or any other style under the sun. This ‘othering’ of aspects of our beings, this way of making something that is natural to black people into something that can be ‘alternative’ or ‘cool’ for white people to try is especially tiresome when you remember that many of us have been discriminated against for having our hair in these styles. 

I deliberately removed personal identifiers from this photo (it was publicly posted) because it’s not about this individual person. Do NOT send her hate mail. I’m glad she’s happy with her hair and that its healthy again. (forcing straight hair into styles that work best on kinky hair CAN be damaging!) I’m not fighting against her. I am fighting the mentality that white/straight hair = normal and black/kinky/loc’ed hair = other/abnormal. I want for us to not be told our natural hair is unprofessional, for our daughters to not have their hair cut by racist teachers in the middle of class, for natural hair styles to not be against the dress code in school. I want people to stop pretending that we aren’t under attack simply for being who we are. I want for loc’ed hair to not be ‘cool & alternative’ on a white woman’s head yet ‘unprofessional/unkempt/dirty’ on a black person’s. 

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Missandei speaks nineteen languages including High Valyrian (her favorite), the Low Valyrian dialect of Slaver’s Bay, Dothraki, the Common Tongue of Westeros, and has some knowledge of the functionally dead language of the Ghiscari Empire.

Nathalie Emmanuel who plays Missandei in the Game of Thrones, is a British-Jamaican actress.

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*discovers a food that brown and black people have been using for literally centuries. calls it a “superfood” and jacks the prices up sky high making it harder to afford for some the people who already use it a staple in their daily diets.*

fuck agricultural gentrification

acai, goji berries, quinoa, coconuts..

whole foods, i’m lookin’ at you

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Now that we’ve reached 4,000+ followers it’s time to expand our mod team. While we’d love to add a lot of you, we gotta keep trying to represent our followers. This means were mostly looking for mods who have experiences different than our own who will be able to add their own personal insight to WAAMU. 

You don’t need to meet all of the criteria but please apply if you:

  • Have different ethnicities or heritages than the current mods 
  • Live or spent most of your life living outside of Canada or the USA.
  • Do not have lightskin or white-passing privilege.
  • Are not heterosexual or cisgender
  • Do not have able-bodied privilege 
  • Are neuroatypical/ have mental illnesses
  • Do not have thin privilege
  • Are at least 17 years old; this is just a guideline, rather than a restriction, because of the content we receive which often involves personal attacks towards the mods (including but not limited to tone policing and racial slurs) and unrelenting negative discourse. People on the Internet can be incredibly cruel, especially when you are talking about race and racism. Even though we do our best to defend, protect, and support each other, we’d rather not expose or risk mentally or emotionally harming someone so young
  • Believe you can offer a perspective/ insight into being a mixed race poc that can add to the community at WAAMU
  • Are able to dedicate time to WAAMU by: answering questions, queuing posts, generating content and facilitating discussion

How to apply: (If you are racist, colourist, anti-black, homophobic, cissexist, transphobic, ableist, sexist, fatphobic, classist, refuse to use trigger warnings or your politics are exclusionary, you need not apply…in fact, you can unfollow us right now.)

  • Send us a text submission (no asks, no fan mail, please) telling us a little about yourself (your name, where you’re from, your background and anything else you feel we should know) and why you think you’ll be a good fit for WAAMU (If you send us applications as an ask or fan mail we will ignore it)
  • Please read the Meet The Mods page before applying so that you can get an idea of what kind of experiences and perspectives we are lacking

We are accepting applications through May 31st. Thank you all so much for joining our community here at WAAMU and we hope to hear from you soon.

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